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One link to rule them all

linkaas direct file links

Direct File Links

You can paste file urls direct eg. png, jpg, gif, pdf, mp3 and mp4
"im soooO linkaas user glad emoji!!!"

linkaas Like/ Share/ Tweet

Like/ Share/ Tweet

We make it easy for your followers to like/share/tweet your content in one place

linkaas google search seo

Linkaas Plus Google?

Connect your links to make it easy to be found on google search (SEO) google icon

linkaas Copyright Matters

Copyright Matters

Linkaas only resites Facebook's OpenGraph public data from a given url

linkaas Link Performance

Link Performance

We designed Linkaas to give your links competitive advantage on all devices

linkaas - Make banner image example

Make Banner Image

The first link's meta og-image will automatically be used as your linkaas banner image
"SO DNT STR3SS linkaas so dnt stress emoji!"

linkaas what we embed facebook example

What We Embed?

We currently have most major embed enambled, emails me if you want me to add any that I have missed

linkaas Stay Organized

Stay Organized

Avoid scattering your links and keep all your relevant links connected together, neatly in one place.

Start Linking

Linkaas - We love doing nothing, how about you?

we love doing nothing, how about you?